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eCommerce Consulting and Brand Co-operative

Trusted Partners

Everyone claims to be your “partner,” but Brand Together takes it one step further. Our founding principle is to foster an integrated brand cooperative. As a result, we will treat your company like our own. 

Collaborative Network

Brand Together offers a unique collaborative network to learn and grow from. As we expand, you will be able to leverage the expertise and learnings of other brands in our Brand Together Co-op.

Experts in eCommerce

No need to feel overwhelmed, because we've seen it all. Our distributed network for experts have experience in Amazon, native website eCommerce, data science-based analytics, graphic design, digital marketing, and social strategy

A New Type of eCommerce Consultancy

What We Do

We offer a truly scalable solution that will be tailored directly to your needs. Rise through the ranks from our strategies that truly work. We’ll help you to get to where you want to be, and push you to soar even further than you ever imagined was possible.

Amazon Solutions

Brand & Product Merchandising and Listings

Your Amazon product listings are the most important element to your success on Amazon. We help you optimize product listings on the front end and back end to ensure customer discoverability and conversion.

Amazon Advertising 

Amazon is increasingly a pay-to-play platform containing an important advertising component that, when done correctly, can greatly increase your profitability. We are experts in Amazon Sponsored Product (PPC) and Sponsored Brands (Headline Ads) and work with the best hybrid automated bidding and manual decision making platform. We want you to lower your ACoS & gain share across competitors.

Amazon Maintenance 

After finding success in discoverability and conversion, the work is not yet done. We provide support with navigating Seller Support, inventory control, product suspensions, and we also provide in-depth sales analytics.

eCommerce Strategy & Support 

Navigating eCommerce can be tricky, but Brand Together will personally make sure that you are asking all the right questions. Our experts will provide comprehensive strategy and support for all eCommerce needs including, but not limited to: site migrations, app installations, reporting and analytics, and third-party merchants. 

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Digital Advertising

With Brand Together, you will learn the digital advertising lingo and never be taken advantage of by unscrupulous digital marketers again. After running millions of dollars worth of programmatic advertising for Fortune 50 companies, we have learned a sad truth: most of your digital dollars are wasted. Together, we will learn how to identify the right spends and how to determine if your campaigns are actually turning a positive ROI.

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No Mechanic Pricing™

We want your money to go toward building your business. Our No Mechanic Pricing™ pledge means what we quote you is what you'll pay. After scoping out the work, if it takes us longer to produce than we estimated, that's on us.

We promise to work with you hand-in-hand to deliver services that will help you climb the ranks. We also offer additional expertise that ranges from data science-based analytics to graphic design.


Some of Our Clients

We we work in all Categories especially: food and beverage, apparel, and health and household

Tom & Jenny's Caramels

"Within just a week or two of starting our work with Brand Together, we saw dramatic growth in our eCommerce sales. Talal worked hand-in-hand with us on everything from our goal-setting to pricing and product configuration to listing optimization and even the visual graphics we were using. This was incredibly valuable for our business and a great experience. We can not recommend Brand Together strongly enough if you want to grow your Amazon sales and profitability rapidly!"

Tommy Thekkekandam, CEO Tom & Jenny's

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Nellino's Pasta Sauces

The minute I saw that Talal had founded Brand Together, I knew I would work with him. His reputation proceeded him, as I was aware that he built robust Amazon sales for a local brand. Once hired, Talal has worked hard to build out a game-plan for my company's Amazon success. Since he has seen the numerous layers of charges and costs that go into selling on Amazon, he helped me price my products for success and profitability. He showed me the blind spots. What started as a merchant-fulfilled line without keywords or any real Amazon strategy, has turned into an FBA Prime line that is poised to take on its challengers, drive revenue, and build further brand awareness. I highly recommend Talal and believe that you will find someone who is not only very knowledgeable, but who really cares about your success.

-- Neal McTighe, Founder, Nellino's Sauce Co.


Carpe Lotion

"Brand Together has immediately added value for Carpe.  We are a top performing CPG product on Amazon, and were not sure how long it would take to see an impact from Talal's work on our advertising metrics.  To our delight, Talal was able to identify opportunities for improving our search results, advertising focus, and conversion that we had previously overlooked.  This work had a positive ROI in just a few weeks.  In addition Talal gave us ideas for improving our storefront, consulted on Black Friday advertising, and contributed to our achievement of having our best week ever in sales.  His expertise with Amazon is more advanced than most of our larger established eCommerce partners.  He is a trusted advisor, business partner, and is a great resource for even flourishing eCommerce businesses."  

— Elizabeth Fischer, VP of Sales at Carpe Lotion

Fillaree: Sustainable Soaps

"I am the founder of Fillaree but also the CEO, CFO, COO, all the O's. I have always been a bootstrapping soloprenuer and Talal is the closest thing to a co-founder or partner that I have ever had.

His advice is invaluable. He is the best accountability partner and not because you don't want to fall short on goals. It's not because he is nagging or bugging you...

It's because he gets genuinely excited to see the ideas & milestones in action and to see your business grow.

His energy is contagious.

I am so fortunate to work with and learn from him. He takes on founders who listen, get it, and have great foundation & potential for growth. If you are lucky enough to work with him, then you are lucky enough."

— Alyssa Cherry, Founder of Fillaree


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